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Kale Ridsdale

Kale is behind the concept of the Fully Disclothed project, and the one making everything work on the back end. She continually has to remind herself to share herself with others, and thought exposing a little bit of her soul on the internet would be an interesting step in that direction. 

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Joslyn Kilborn

Joslyn is the original Fully Disclothed photographer from the project's start in Toronto, but it took her eight months to participate in the project herself. After a lot of valid arguments like 'but I just don't want to!' she is glad she finally went under her own knife. Joslyn currently isn't sure where she lives.

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Liza Semechko 

Liza Semechko is an artist based in Toronto working primary in film photography, focusing on 35mm. Growing up buying disposable cameras, Liza was excited with the anticipation of finally seeing the developed film. This manifested into a love for the process of analog and the trust and unpredictably that comes with shooting film. She brings this mentality to Fully Disclothed, photographing intimate moments while being present with the subject, and having the images developed and revealed later in production. This allows both the photographer and participate to feel comfortable and disconnect with the idea of the photo session and focus on the liberating experience that this project hopes to create.

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John Smith

John is an Asian-Canadian raised in Hamilton, Ontario. He became involved in the project through Joslyn, whom he shared magical experiences with. The magic continues in his travels as he explores the question "What is the good life?", bringing about beauty in people and places through photography, writing and being.

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Brian Wilson

Brian has a nice beard that helps people feel more comfortable. He is a Toronto-based contributor to the project, having joined in on the action after participating in front of the camera, spiking his interest in taking on a bigger role. He hopes that the feelings expressed by the participants will be conveyed through his photography, in turn exposing some of himself.

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Kate Murphy

Kate was behind the lens for Dublin's chapter. Originally from Cork, she currently lives in Dublin. Kate believes it is important to remind ourselves to stay open to the world, but also has a very hard time writing anything about herself. She has a degree in Multimedia, and manages and designs for a Dublin-based indie band.

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