"So now I feel more comfortable out of doors."

I've been Nomadic a long time.

Rootless, wandering, whatever you'd call it.

To find a personal space in this city that is permanent, stable, safe for a musician, has been an unrelenting challenge. Like swimming upstream. 

Often I find myself in the position of "couchsurfer", one who inhabits the spaces of others to access the basic human needs of Sleep. Food preparation. Hygiene.

"I'm just crashing here."

Whenever I do briefly acquire a living space, it is too transient to ever feel like a Home.

So now I feel more comfortable out of doors. Not infringing on someone else's private space, or inhabiting a space that is only very temporarily my home, through some absurd financial transaction.

And certainly I feel more comfortable playing my instrument outside.

So we went to the park.

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