"I am a singer in a band in Dublin, playing regular gigs no problem and without shyness."

When first asked to partake in Fully Disclothed I was adamant that it wasn't for me. I'm quite a self conscious person! But, I think it is such a genius idea, why are we so obsessed with covering up?

About two months later I was telling a friend all about Fully Disclothed and got her in touch with Kate to organize it. I just thought fair play to her cajones, not even a bat of an eyelid.

On reading more about Fully Disclothed in the FAQ it says, "If it would require a lot of courage it's for you." So I said to hell with it let's do it! I am quite a shy person when it comes to public speaking such as asking a question in class or walking in late both of which I struggle to do. I realised I needed to break the mould. I wasn't always shy, I was school president and spoke to the school quite a lot. I put this new found shyness down to smoking weed when I was younger, I feel it affected me with regards to confidence. This September I am starting my masters and I am determined to loose the blush and what better way start than by baring all on Fully Disclothed, start as I mean to go on and what not.

I am a singer in a band in Dublin, playing regular gigs no problem and without shyness. That's why I chose to do my photos in the studio where we have just recorded our upcoming album. I was so nervous heading to Storm Studios but as soon as I had the last item of clothing off it was so much fun. I belted out the songs I had recorded here over the last few months and forgot Kate was there and that I was naked. Halfway through the shoot the two guys from Dublin band Tvvins walked in to collect gear and I was completely fine. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Fully Disclothed experience and definitely recommend people partake in this liberating experience.

Having done Fully Disclothed I feel like I can do anything I want to.

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