How it Works

Fully Disclothed is a photography project that invites people to expose themselves literally and figuratively. Through the individual, the project explores the boundaries between the personal and the public, sharing and hiding, vulnerability and control, and the real and the contrived. Both on and off the internet. 

The Invitation

We invite you –especially if you would never be photographed naked– to be photographed in your space, doing your thing –whether that is creating, chilling, practicing, performing, or workingOnly this time you do it naked. 

We then invite you to expose yourself in writing.

The Process

We send one of our photographers over to your space to hang out and take some shots while you do your thing.

After the shoot you take a few days to write about why you took part –hopefully getting as naked in the writing process as you were during the shoot.

The End Result

Three images are hand-selected by our photographer to be revealed on the site alongside your writing.

Together, it contributes to a portrait of what it means to feel naked.

Full-disclosure: to make known, to allow to be seen, to lay bare.

Using Format