"This side of Fully Disclothed forced me to reflect on the year just gone and plan for the one unfolding."

Were I able to shut
My eyes, ears, legs, hands
And walk into myself
For a thousand years,
Perhaps I would reach
-I do not know its name-
What matters most.
-Anna Swir

I came across this poem a few years ago, just by chance, and I’ve taken it as an ethos to live by ever since. What makes me happy is in my hands, with me wherever I go, and ever changing.

I’ve found myself a lot more nervous about this side of the project; words can leave us far more vulnerable and naked than our body ever could. I was so comfortable for the shoot, I’d even been looking forward to it for a while. Kate is one of my fairies, my Laura love and boyfriend were playing board-games on the other side of the door. I was in the midst of one of the best New Years. Not to mention we’d just made a substantial dent in a bottle of Prosecco.

This side of Fully Disclothed forced me to reflect on the year just gone and plan for the one unfolding. I became aware that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, but with more worries than I’ve ever had before. A slightly heavy realisation to come away with from a nakey shoot.

I’ve always been quite confident in my body, of course there’s parts I’d like to neaten and tighten, I know there’s many people in my life with far more ideal than mine. But I can honestly say I love my “fit rig”, as it was once described. (This was the first thing I remember Simon saying to me, on a little Greek street.)

I believe that bodies need to be celebrated more. I see my little sister at her happiest when she’s in her ‘nudies’. She runs riot through the house and squeals with giggles, and no one bats an eyelid at her little rosebud bum. It’s such a sweet and innocent image. Just because bodies get older, they shouldn’t lose their sweetness.

I’m not entirely sure I’ve approached this part of the project correctly, it’s become a sort diary entry, a collection of thoughts. But that, I suppose, is the beauty of every aspect of this project, nothing is as expected.

Since Kate has come into my life, one of her most notable qualities is that she’s never short of compliments, particularly regarding bodies, so I’d like to thanks her for that. There isn’t a fairy more suited to this line of work.

Wishing you wonderful nudey times ahead. Love Jenny.

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