"We were born with the one body, embrace it, appreciate all your parts, and strut it with confidence."

This project is a right fit for me, being done more so in a documentary style as oppose to posing. It’s pretty organic to be in the state of naked at home and yes, even I can be clothing-optional at my work events at Oasis Aqualounge. Even one my partners (I have two and the other is not available to be part of the shoot), Antonio enjoys being naked and had no problem agreeing to so this photo shoot last minute with me.

I long overcame my fear of being naked many years ago when I started to go to the infamous nude beach called Wreck Beach in Vancouver 14 years ago. No worries about muffin-topping sporting a bikini bottom or the thong riding up my ass. After all who wants tan lines?

Being naked around my place and on the balcony is something I enjoy, so free and liberating. I am sure my neighbours in the other building are not complaining either. Waking up next to one of my partners naked, having coffee and enjoying it on my bed or on the balcony are clearly a wonderful start to the day. It’s even more so when we have time to appreciate breakfast together (as shown in the picture, creating omelette with roast beef, kale, peppers and cheese). Just to top off breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen with simply rubber gloves and nothing else. 

Antonio has been an exhibitionist for at least the last ten years. I met him on my birthday last year as my surprise birthday present from a few of my friends, a surprise exotic dance, almost naked. He loves the fact that girls can appreciate his body and he gets off by showing his body off.

Nudity is something one shouldn’t be ashamed of. We were born with the one body, embrace it, appreciate all your parts, and strut it with confidence. I may have a short torso but I own it and naturally, I love my own ASSets. Let yourself feel liberated... and enjoy your new found freedom. 

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