"I'd often fabricate myself because I was convinced I needed to be this 'perfect person' in order for people to like me..."

The biggest reason why I wanted to do this project is because for a long time I've struggled with self confidence issues, not so much with my body but with my inner self. I'd feel as though most of the time I wasn't good enough. I'd often fabricate myself because I was convinced I needed to be this 'perfect person' in order for people to like me and felt distraught if people didn't like me. I felt very insecure and lost all self confidence. There came a point where I had to do something about it, I felt as if I was watching someone else acting me out in a movie.

This project is very personal to me and it feels like a big step in my own self journey. Nowadays I envision the person I want to be, the true me. I was so far away from her for so long but I'm slowly getting closer and closer to meeting her everyday. I'm more confident now and I see the worst of it in the past. I'm at a great place of my life at the moment, happier with myself, closer to my friends and family and in a loving, honest relationship.

This experience shows my body and my mind in the most honest form, just by taking the time to enjoy listening to my records and relaxing in my home surrounded by things I hold dear. This afternoon was a little part of my life, a tiny glimpse into my world and it has shown me to stay mindful, it's made me appreciate what I have and content in just being me.

I think experiences like this are important and beneficial for my mental health. I still have to tell myself daily that I have nothing to hide and I often trip up and catch myself not being entirely honest but I can acknowledge it now and change it for the better, or step back which I couldn't do in the past.

We all have insecurities and flaws but its accepting them which is the hardest part of all and I'm slowly learning how to. I feel like I'm finally ready to show my true colours and not having the need to always be liked or being afraid of what people might think. If I have everything exposed, then I'm just me, the real me. No bullshit, no stories, no walls. This process had my heart racing at the beginning but afterwards I felt calm, it's left me feeling alive, more conscious, prouder and happier in myself.... I'm really glad I did it.

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