"It is unbelievable how many people are impelled to love things they don’t know why they love, consequently they hate their bodies, but fall in love with brands."

Last January I went to London to see some friends, we are kind of friends we love to have a chat in a good coffee shop, stay there for hours, having coffee, enjoying cakes, and talking about everything. That day, we were speaking about naturism, society, types of naturism that exist. Naturally many questions popped up, like; how does society see the naturist? Why are people so ashamed about their bodies? How could people live without clothes?

A friend of mine wants to be a naturist someday and she thinks the naturists are happy people, free like a child and they don’t mind about brands or consumerism, providing for themselves a better life than some people who put a label on themselves, paying a lots of money to consume, promoting brands through their bodies. I agree with her about that, what is the reason?

As I remembered when in Paris, walking in the Champs Elysees, I was shocked when I saw a queue in front of shops and people waiting for entry there, such a crazy thing, only because the brands are famous. It is unbelievable how many people are impelled to love things they don’t know why they love. Consequently they hate their bodies, but fall in love with brands.

I am really shy and I didn’t like my body, and my friend knew about that. She asked me if I dare live as a naturist, do some photos naked, I said are you crazy? I should confess though, after that the thought kept in my mind and I wanted to find a good project or reason to do it.

When I saw Fully Disclothed I wanted to do it and then Kate invited me. The project fitted perfectly on me. While I played the drums I remembered my experiences of being naked in my childhood, it was really funny. When I play the drums I feel free like a child.

Thinking back to my childhood, it was perfect, I had lots of friends, we used to play a lot on our school holidays in the summer, we played in streets or in our backyard, when it finished everybody went back home, to take a shower and chill. They were good days I want to go back there.

When I would come back home usually, I could see my mom watching soap operas. The main song theme sings “naked naked nude with hands on the pocket.” When I heard that, I started to mimic and imitate it. So, I took off all my clothes and then walking around our estate. My father bought the vinyl record of this song, and every time it was played I would repeatedly start to strip naked and start to sing that song. I loved to do that. 

The second experience I had was also on a school holiday. It was warm, I was with my friend and we were painting in the garage, same place we had the doghouse; I had a Dalmatian bigger than us, his doghouse was big,  and so we tried to paint it and thought that would be funny. First we started to paint the doghouse, second the dog and third, we started to get naked and paint each other it was hilarious until my dad appeared, but he didn't become mad or shout at us, he only took us to bathroom to get showered. We were naked and happy. Maybe the naturists are happier…

Listen:  Change your mind - The Horrors.

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